About Us


We are a professional independent laser, skin care and body contouring aesthetic centre. Clinica Knightsbridge provides the best treatments and solutions for all skin types. We use the most advanced cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results with minimal disturbance. This is all so you confidentially laze away in our state of the art clinic in the hands of our experienced professional staff. All our equipment has been chosen with utmost care to meet the demands of all our aesthetic treatments.

We are never satisfied with existing standards, we constantly aim for above and beyond. From relaxing facials for a quick beauty boost, microdermabrasion, skin peels, body treatments and all types of laser treatments; we achieve fast, visible and lasting results. To guarantee the efficiency and safety of all our guests we employ only the most qualified therapists.

Our luxurious and well-appointed London clinic is comprehensively equipped to suit your aesthetic needs in a pleasing and relaxing environment. It has been carefully designed by a leading architect to put forward the modern vibe and values of Clinica Knightsbridge; all while strictly adhering to elevated clinical standards. We exist so that our guests can truly escape their hectic lifestyle, take care of themselves and improve their health and appearance.

*We provide complete confidentiality for all clients. Client’s records are only accessible to authorized members of staff, treatments are carried out in Private, well ventilated and a comfortable temperature rooms.

Welcome to Clinica Knightsbridge!

Prior to any treatment the Laser Practitioner or Skin Specialist will provide a full consultation, explaining the specific procedure, identifying the expectations of the client and addressing any possible problems or contraindications. A medical history is provided identifying the risks, the Practitioner will let the client be aware of all the treatment details, as well as providing an informed consent form and post care form that follows a Protocol- precise and detailed plan that is followed when undertaking a treatment. Clients have a formal written statement that describes exactly what will be done. To comply with the legal requirements the Protocol contains: Contra-indications; technique; pre-treatment tests; Post treatment care; Recognition of treatment related problems; procedure if anything goes wrong; Permitted variation on machine variables.

Treatment prices and packages available will also be discussed during the consultation as well as payment methods. An agreement form will be provided. A refund policy is available in case of an informed and visual reaction to a treatment consented by the Practitioner.

Surveys are conducted to ensure that all treatments and services are carried out, under the legislation to ensure Safety and Quality/ Information/Accountability and Consistency. Feedback is actively sought from all Clients and acted upon immediately.

Clinica Knightsbridge Team.